Why Should You Consider Interlinking To Your Posts

What is Interlinking..??

Linking to your old blog post is known as interlinking. Most of the bloggers can’t drive traffic to their old posts as they don’t do interlinking right. They will bury them without boosting their traffic to all those old blog posts.

You can bring more relevant traffic to your related keywords and you can make a good impact on the visitors too, if you are interlinking the right way. A visitor will always love to read an additional references when they are searching for something.

Why Should You Consider Interlinking To Your Posts?

Following are the reasons that interlinking can..,

  1. Bring you more traffic

When you are interlinking to specific pages on your own blog, you can certainly drive more traffic from the search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc

  1. Better ranking for the desired keywords:

Using ‘anchored texts’ on your interlinks results in ranking high for your desired keywords. Do you know that you can rank higher in the search engine results for those keywords which are linked with the ‘targeted anchor texts’? Yes.. you can make use of anchor texts within your links to get more results for your targeted keywords.

Let me tell you one thing, you can rank high in the organic search results for those keywords that are properly linked to your targeted anchor text. You can use the anchor text in your links to drive more results for your targeted keywords.

  1. Pass link juice:

When you page gets crawled after adding up the interlinking to your post, the pages that are linked more often will increase the page authority as well as the domain authority also. This means you have an ability to create your own page rank by interlinking for your blog post.

  1. Increase page views:

When a visitor finds interest reading your post they will surely consider clicking on the interlinks to read more. So, there is no doubts that you can drive more page views from interlinking. This will also result in low bounce rate for your blog.

  1. Crawling each & every page:

Search engine crawlers always love fresh content. When you’re often interlinking to your old blog posts, you’re making them to crawl each and every blog posts in your blog. This way you can bring more search traffic in the long run.

Do you know what the search engine crawlers love the most..?? Yes.. It’s the fresh content… It always loves a fresh content. When your are interlinking to your old posts, your are making the search engine crawler, crawl each and every blog post in your blog. This way in long run you can bring more traffic & visitors to you blog. you can bring more traffic & visitors to you blog.

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