The Refined Google

There is no doubt that Google is the quintessential search engine which changed the very dimensions of internet browsing. It is still the ultimate source for the people to quench their thirst for knowledge. But Google has come a long way in good sense and by no means, it’s just an information provider. It has empowered itself with multitudes of tools and techniques which can become efficient methods of operating and maintaining the website.

A) Google Analytics:

It is the prime website analysis tool. You just have to add few codes of lines to your site and a plethora of reports are at your disposal. One can get a clear insight into the detailed analysis of website visitors, pages, and usage patterns is essential to running a website and refining how users interact with it. It includes locating pages with missing files, entry and exit pages, and even linking through to AdWords to identify the best time to run AdWords.

B) Google Maps:

This is a mapping tool which can be accessed through a search engine. It is commonly used to get directions and locate places. One can also place his business in the Google Local directory which is necessary for the appearance of your business in the local search.

C) Google Webmaster:

A webmaster is a proactive tool which informs you in advance regarding the potential problems your site might face. Anything that may influence the indexing of your website by Google’s ‘Googlebot’ is emphasized so that web-programmer can report the issues.

D) Google Keyword Tool:

It is basically made for the AdWords program. But it can be a very powerful search tool for keywords to integrate into your website content, title tags, and description tag. It gives a detailed list of most searched words along with their synonyms. The optimum use of this tool can enable you with the best ideas for landing pages and product descriptions to maximize the potential visitors.

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