A Food Lover's Heaven - Kolkata

To talk about street food and not talk about Kolkata is a crime. Regarding transportation and food options, there are very few Indian cities that can even come near it. Food is what defines Kolkata on several levels.

The soul of Kolkata lies in food. There are many food options, and the best part is that you can walk 50 meters and you will find a food stall with something that will please you so much that your mouth will start watering and you will want to try.

If you decide to take a day off and just stroll through the city, I can guarantee that you will gain a minimum of 5 kgs. And if you are a foodie that number can shoot up to two digits in no time. Like when you have a terrible day in another part of the country you go to a movie or chill with your closed ones in Kolkata you can just go and try something new, and you are done.

Food therapy works the best and Kolkata is a place where you can satiate your hunger pangs anytime of the day or night.

Things you should try in Kolkata –

Phuchka – You call it Pani Puri we call it Phuchka but ours is way better, every Kolkata resident will tell you. Well, it is different from the ones you get in other parts of the country simply because of the aloo filling blended with the imli taste. It is a must-have if you visit Kolkata.

Egg Chicken Roll – From a roadside shack to a big restaurant, Kolkata is known for its assortment of rolls. Even though they usually don’t use mayo, it will be still mouthwateringly delicious. You should definitely try the egg chicken and mutton rolls. Everywhere has a similar taste that will give your taste buds the must needed kickstart.

Mughlai Paratha – A delicious Mughlai paratha is a delightful evening snack. It is maida stuffed with egg and choice of meat. It lips smacking and will force you to try it every other day. It is one of the tastiest street foods unique to the food lovers of Kolkata.

Luchi and Aloo r Dom – It is the best morning breakfast for anyone in Kolkata. Maida puri’s with nicely cooked aloo masala is the only thing you need in the morning. It tastes best with a couple of jalebis and you are done.

Fish fry/fish finger/chicken kabiraji – Try different types of fish and mutton starters that are evening snacks for a regular Kolkata Bengali. From small corner stores to bigger stores it is a delight to try from. Small snack items are the best in Kolkata.

Telebhaja – Some puffed rice and a telebhaja (different types of snack with potatoes, onions and other things). You can enjoy it every evening without any problems. The typical Bengali household enjoys such small things.

Jhal Muri – This is a perfect combination of puffed rice, some veggies, and nuts. It might sound a little like “bhel” but it is very very different. It is moist and has some mustard oil and coconut which adds to the exotic taste.

Just Street Food

From Momos to ghugni Kolkata streets are filled with small bites that you eat. In every nook and corner of the city, you can find mouth sized bits that will make you feel energized and happy.

Non-veg delicacies

If you are in Kolkata, you have to try different non-veg delicacies. Seafood is something you should definitely try. It is excellent you just go and try different types of fish dishes that make Kolkata what it is. Kolkata loves and takes pride in its fish. From sea fishes to lakes they are a must-have if you are in Kolkata. You just cannot miss it. It makes up Kolkata’s identity. Talk to anybody from Kolkata, and they will tell you the best fish.

The icing on the cake – sweets

To talk about Kolkata and not talk about sweets is just impossible. Most desserts are prepared with milk, sugar, and paneer. These desserts popularly called mishti would completely melt in your mouth. They are only the best. If you are a sweet tooth or not these sweets are things are the best for your taste buds. The best for ending a meal or maybe anytime of the day. If in case you like flavors you can choose from Ice-cream, chocolate, mango and strawberry sondesh too!

Even today if you are in Kolkata, you can have a square meal for less than 50 bucks. It also includes fish curry. You can find fish, goat, and chicken are commonly eaten across social strata in Bengalis. Beef and pork also are available throughout the city of you want to try. The nature and variety of dishes found in Bengali cooking are unique through India.

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