Diwali Festival Lights

Even though you might find it shameful or even may criticise me for what I am going to say next but I feel the journey to realization is the greatest glory ever. So, up to the age of 18, I was a “cracker person” and would burn heavy bucks to satisfy my hunger for firecrackers. You won’t believe I was totally crazy about them to get the best that I can avail.

It all began from the time I was a little kid and my neighbours had crackers. The people near me had it , so I wanted it. Initially to make me happy my parents also got me crackers. Several variations as many as I wanted. They were happy seeing to joy on my face.

To be honest crackers were a trend when I was young. The situation was much better back in the day. I am almost 35 now and honestly when pollution wasn’t a thing. There were hardly any concrete jungles, you could see greenery all around.

Pollution has become a buzzword in the last decade or so. When I was young we had pure oxygen to breathe. So anyway, getting back to my story I was extremely excited about Diwali ever since i was a kid and so were other kids in my locality. It was my favourite festival and my time to show the world (peers) how brave I was.

We all knew the reason and why Diwali (The Ramayana tale) so it was celebration where the entire city was decorated and lit up to celebrate his homecoming. It is to celebrate the victory of good over evil. So it was lights that marked the significance of Diwali.

Over the last two decades I have seen the city grow immensely, the smaller towns or villages becoming a part of the city. It has all become a concrete jungle with pollution everywhere.

Who is responsible?

Now it has all become a blame game, we keep blaming each other for the enormous amount of pollution. If we take it upon ourselves and admit that we as a nation have collectively allowed Diwali to degenerate from being a festival of light to a festival of sound, the problem can be solved.

Even though I extremely fond of crackers when I was young, now at a later stage I realise the rather harmful effects of it. Today I can easily impart that knowledge to my kid, who is in the growing phase.

With the supreme court banning crackers in Delhi. The first question that pops in our head is that – Was it necessary?

Trust me, it was. Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world and if Diwali was allowed to be celebrated like it usually is, post Diwali the air would become too polluted to even breathe.

While I am totally aligned with the fact that lot of families and their livelihood was dependent on the cracker industry you cannot deny the fact that it will lead to ruin of the nation if not stopped at the right time.

Making a difference

With the advancement of time we have to adapt to different situation. With pollution being a major issue that we are struggling with as a nation we should step up to do our bit. I understand that it might be difficult to make the young ones understand the problems but we can take baby steps and make a difference.

Other than crackers a family fun affair can include a lot many things starting from outing to decorating your house to even making sweets and snacks at home. With the money you spend on crackers try helping someone in need maybe your watchman or your maid. It might not make a big difference to you but it will definitely lighten their lives.


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