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The last decade or so has seen a paradigm shift in the way we consume information. There has been a smooth transition from traditional forms of marketing to online marketing. The internet has become an integral part of our existence. We cannot imagine our lives before or after it.

Business dynamics have also changed with this shift, and the first and foremost step in online business is your web presence. The first step to web presence is a well-structured and well-designed website. There is a step even before your website which we often tend to skip, and it becomes too rushed once the website is ready.

Have you selected a domain name yet? Domain name is the first stepping stone, once you have selected your desired domain name you have to choose your desired extension depending on the type of website you are planning to build. There are a lots of options that you can check out before choosing the best-suited one – Get Your Domain Today.

Web hosting is prime and selecting the best company with a maximum number of features becomes quite a task if not thought about carefully.  The two key things we all look in web hosting are easy-to-setup and affordable web hosting plans. Additionally, we look for domain names and custom hosting solutions.

Next-Gen VPS Hosting
Fully Managed Linux VPS Servers Starting at Rs.1199

Questions to ask before choosing a web hosting company

  1. Does it provide unlimited domains?
  2. Will it give unlimited bandwidth
  3. Will there be unlimited hosting space
  4. Will I get unlimited email accounts?

Go through your hosting company’s profile, and if you get a positive response to these questions, then you are in the right direction and have chosen the best hosting company for your website.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting
Super optimized WordPress Hosting starting at Rs.239/month

Bluehost provides a comprehensive list of hosting options for you to choose from. Choose the one that fits your budget and requirements the most.

  • Linux Hosting
  • Windows Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Linux Reseller Hosting
  • Windows Reseller Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Cloud Sites

Why use Bluehost for all hosting purposes?

Web hosting is the first step in the world of online marketing and to make it perfect; you need quality and well-endowed customer support services. Bluehost is an industry expert in web hosting and have hosted 1000’s of websites till date. Our support technicians are highly skilled and expertly trained.  

Bluehost provides quality web hosting services and helps individuals and corporates easily get their websites online without any hassle. Our shared hosting plans are scalable and easily affordable for all. Our subscription plans can easily fit your budget with our 24/7 always available U.S. based technical support. You can get unlimited domains, bandwidth, hosting space and email accounts with our hosting plans.

Transferring your website to Bluehost can be straightforward and easy. All you need to do is follow a few steps or ask for help by calling customer support on 0824-661-4333. You have to simply backup your blog database, themes, and plugins and you can go live within a couple of minutes.

With proper customer support and simple user-interface web hosting should take you less than 10 min. With Bluehost with can leave all your web hosting headaches. After purchasing the perfect hosting plan, you are officially the proud owner of a brand new domain name and web hosting package to kickstart your online marketing.


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