Biggest Motivation Comes From Home

There is a famous saying “Home is where the heart is.” Indeed enough home is precisely where you can be yourself the most. If there are any difficulties or struggles in your natural habitat (home), then your life can ultimately go for a toss.

Your childhood is the formative years of your life. All you learn or become in future is heavily dependent on these primary years. You might have heard this saying that children see and learn, it is entirely accurate. If you have seen a child grow, you must have noticed that they always try to imitate the adults around and pick up a lot from them including their habits, actions or even accent. These naturally become a part of his/her personality. The more they see, the more it starts shaping them.

Like a piece of clay you can shape a child’s mind the way you want. It is all up to you how you form your child. Are you doing a good job? Most adults especially parents fail to understand the child psychology of watch and learn.

The environment you are presenting to your child today will be accountable for his/her tomorrow. Many a times parents fight, abuse or even get violent with one another. While you might think to be in a separate room, you cannot be heard. It is not the case, a child often picks up domestic violence or other such things and think it is all normal. To not normalize any such behavior you need to be very careful around children. It is okay to face issues at home but parenting is an art and mastering it is the only way around.

Make your home the place your child’s heart is with pure formative knowledge.

Developing the right emotions

Children if not taught well tend to become rough and selfish. That if once developed will stay forever so nip it in the bud. Teach children to share and be kind. Building a personality around good emotions is essential.

Be a confidant

Even if a child has something wrong, you should be the one he/she can come and talk to. If you can teach a child to confide in you, it is the best gift. Don’t let fear ever be the only emotion in the child when they think about their parents. There should be a sense of shame to come up, but that is because of disappointment and not fear. If there is too much violence or if you hit children you can never be his/her friend. Your child will never confide in you.

Saying that it is wrong

You don’t always have to keep supporting even if the child is going astray it is perfectly alright to tell them that what they are doing is incorrect, but there is a way to it. Screaming, beating up or seclusion is not the way out. You need to sit and explain where they went wrong. The trick is to make sure it does not happen again. As curious as children are they always want to know why and as much as you can try and answer the “why’s.” Show them the right path but also give a reason to it.

A “no” once in awhile always helps

Naturally, children tend to become passionate and enthusiastic about things around them. The nag once they want or see their peers with a gadget or a toy. There needs to be a distinction as to how much you want to give to your child. If you give him/her everything it might not be the best thing, you can sometimes say no to something’s that are not necessarily. Here also don’t just tell know or shut them up, give a small explanation.

Home is where you can learn these valuable lessons which will stay with you for forever.

The most significant support is Motivation

Something we come across really talented sport enthusiastic or music enthusiastic children but never see them around once they are in middle school. If you ever ask the sole reason to it is parental pressure. You need to score well in your 10th and 12th exams because how much will you make with just music or sports so you should focus on building a career and not a hobby.

What if he/she wants to make the “hobby” his/her career?

Even today fine arts or sports are not considered to be good career options. It is frowned upon and parents more than often force children out of it. There is a lack of belief and fear that parents hold. The parents are scared for the children but if you don’t believe in your child, who will? If you don’t motivate them who will?

It is imperative for all adults to realize the importance of support and motivation. Agreed it might take a couple of extra years for your children to shine but it is always worth the wait if the child is happy. If your child is passionate about something join in, share the passion. Don’t pull them out.

If you pull out your children or don’t motivate your child for what he wants to become you might be responsible for a lifetime of regret. You need to understand the various opportunities that has opened up in the 21st century and the career paths available. Go ahead and make it a point that you understand what your children’s passions are. If you can make your home the biggest motivation it is the best gift you can give your children.


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