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It’s good to know few things about good SEO practices if you really want to succeed in the modern SEO content writing.

So what is SEO..?

SEO which is briefly known as search engine optimization is a process of optimizing a website or its content so that the search engines & people can search, find and thus locate what they want and read it easily. As you know, the entire process of SEO has changed greatly since last few years.

SEO involves many things, but when it comes to writing content its very simple if you understand & follow the rules.

Following are the 9 rules for today’s content writers

1. Research

You should not start writing without first conducting focused keywords. Keyword research may help you and understand what to write and which words you should consider to target and make it more visible to the visitor.

2. Duplication

There is nothing more dangerous than duplicate content for SEO. When 2 pages look similar, search engines will remove one of them from the indexes. To avoid this, follow search engines best practices and focus on high quality and original content.

3. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing… Hope you are familiar with this term. Search engines hate it; it’s one of the primary sins of SEO. So you need to avoid it, if you don’t it will kill the rankings. Keyword density should not be more than 2 or 3 percent of your content. You can use the targeted keyword and key phrases in the header & body several times in natural way.

4. Descriptive

It’s important to be descriptive in everything you do. When I say everything it includes your body content, meta’s, headlines and call to action.

5. Meta’s Do Matter

I hope you know the main purpose of meta’s, it is to help search engine bot to determine what the page is about. So to write good meta’s, make it descriptive and interesting. This will increase the click through rates and thus attention from the readers.

6. Original Content

Why do people come to internet..? What are they looking for..? If you look into these two questions you will understand that people are looking for information and answers. If you provide them with duplicate content or someone else’s spun content, you will never be able to stand on top. So keeping this in mind, write the natural and original content of your own.

7. Post, Post & Keep Posting

If a visitor of your site marks that you haven’t updated it in a while, they will immediately leave. Posting in a realistic goal can help you avoid this.

8. Vary Your Content

Your readers never want the same type of content over & over again. Your main goal must be quality, but you must also experiment with your content type with blogs, infographics, videos, etc. This will help you reach a wide range of audience, keeping it interesting.

9. Social Media Platforms

Search engines have begun to look at social media platforms as a major indicator. It indicates sites authority, value, and relevance. If your content is visible on social media that means it’s probably pretty valuable. So, it’s important to share your content on social media platforms. A good social media marketing strategy can help you stand out from the crowd.

So these were the 9 Rules that will help you in SEO content writing and succeed to rank on top of your competitors


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